Bi Folding Doors with special RAL colour option

Aluminium, Timber or PVC door frames for Bi Folding Doors?

What Frames are Best for Bi Folding Patio Doors?

The three most popular materials for bi folding door frames are: Aluminium (metal), Timber (hard wood/soft wood) and Composite (uPVC reinforced with metal/aluminuim). How do they compare?

The first uPVC doors generally failed to stand the test of time. Until they were reinforced to make them stronger, they would bend, twist, split or all three. The newer frames can be very good. Sometimes a special finish, such as wood-effect, is available but most often, the choice is white.

panoramic views with ultraslimTimber frames are available in softwood, which is cheaper to produce and to buy, but requires more maintenance than the hardwood option. Wooden frames, particularly the cheaper ones, may warp or shrink to create a draughty home. South-facing doors will need re-varnishing or painting every one or two years and excess rain and damp on north-facing doors may also cause a problem in exposed areas.

We chose aluminium frames for bi-folding and slide-pivot doors because they are stronger, require less maintenance* and can be powder-coated in a choice of 200** colours! In addition to these benefits, the strength of aluminium means that the frame-width and profiles to are slimmer than PVC or wood.

*wipe a damp cloth over the frames to remove sticky finger-prints, etc. and keep the floor channel free of grit and dust by using a vacuum cleaner nozzle.

**approximately; our most popular colours are available as standard and other RAL colours will incur additional costs.

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