Tempered Frameless Glass Doors

Bi folding patio doors without frames?

Frameless Glass Doors

Up till now, we've compared wider framed hinged bi folding doors with ultra slim aluminium frames. In this post, we'll take a look at glass doors without frames or hinges.

There are two types of frameless glass doors - double glazed and 'unbreakable' single glazed tempered glass.

Tempered Glass Doors

Singled Glazed tempered glass frameless doorsFirst of all, there are some restrictions regarding where single glazed doors can be installed. This is because they do not meet thermal regulatons for doors on external walls for domestic dwellings (residential homes). They can be used on non-domestic dwellings, such as public buildings (as often seen in areas of heritage buildings and castles) and on commercial premises, such as retail outlets, cafés, restaurants, showrooms, etc.

Single glazed frameless doors can also be used at home: as room dividers, on conservatories and outbuildings (e.g. studio, pool area).

Double Glazed Frameless Glass Doors

Double glazed frameless glass doorsUsing the same system as ultra slim framed patio doors, double-glazed frameless doors do not have frames at the side of each door. There are top and bottom frames to ename to doors to slide along the opening but the full span of doors offers virtually uninterrupted views. If required, encapulated Venetian blinds can be included as an optional extra.

These doors are suitable as patio doors on new-builds and extensions as well as replacements for your old patio doors.

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