panoramic slide and swing doors

Why our Ultra Slim Bi Folds outshine the rest

Hinged or Hingeless?

Our bi folding doors are available in two styles: hinged or hingeless.

Traditional hinged bi folds require side frames or at least 3" / 75mm whereas hingeless glass door side frames ure under 1" / 20mm. Less frame = more glass and spectacular panoramic viewing!

It follows that, without hinges, the doors can stack closer together too, for maximum access between areas (e.g. home and garden). Hingeless doors are not joined at the sides, giving other possibilities - such as spacing them anywhere along the opening.

spaceable sliding-stacking doors

Hingless doors are not truly folding-sliding, they are slide and pivot doors. As the doors can be placed wherever you want, it means that the walk through space or spaces can be where you want. You can open up a single door, all doors or any number in between. We have prepared an illustration of how bi folds and slide-pivot doors differ in use.

When you contact us for a quotation, we'll provide both hinged and hingeless to help you with your decision. We look forward to hearing from you.